Never Overlook Coincidence (Unless You’re Busy)

I love when unrelated things come together. When I am sitting in a history class and the discussion turns to something with literature, I fangirl inside myself trying to contain the awesomeness that I have discovered. Also when I visit somewhere that I have read about, I feel like I actually know the true setting for the story.

Yet the thing that has me blogging instead of doing other things is a research paper. The paper is not due tomorrow but requires a book being read. For my research paper, I am reading Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger, the author of The Catcher in the Rye. Apparently, the novella is meant to have religious undertones which were originally ignored by readers. At the same time, I am a member of the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar. For those who do not know the story, the story is the Passion Week, Palm Sunday through Easter. This includes one encounter with Herod and two with Pilate. In the second encounter, Jesus is asked to speak by Pilate. Pilate wants to know how to save Jesus from dying and why Jesus will not reply to him. This is where the coincidence happens. In the book, Zooey, one of the main characters, is talking to his sister about Jesus in this scene of the musical. Actually, he is referring to the actual Bible yet he says this: “Who else, for example, would have kept his mouth shut when Pilate asked far an explanation? Not Solomon. Don’t say Solomon. Solomon would have had a few pithy words for the occasion. I’m not sure Socrates wouldn’t have for that matter. Crito, or somebody else, would have managed to pull him aside just long enough to get a couple of words for the record.” (170-1)

I read this in the middle of production week for the musical. The song from Jesus Christ Superstar is “Trial by Pilate (39 Lashes).” I was onstage during this song and was positioned to be able to see this interaction between the two actors. Almost every time after reading this passage from Franny and Zooey, my mind went to this place of how amazing it was to be standing in the crowd at that moment in time. Zooey goes into deeper explanations to how Jesus’ personality was the perfect personality for the job. This all accumulates today. Good Friday is more than just a day off of school. There was a song from a CD via YouTube. It has since been removed. For those interested in the song, it is called “This Is How Love Wins” by Steven Curtis Chapman.


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