My Patronus is a Socially Awkward Penguin

Looking at the various websites, there are different types of patroni (at least I think that is the plural). There are the patroni from the book, but people just want to have fun with it. Examples include bookworms and even the TARDIS. Yet, I do not think that I am that lucky. See, I really think that mine is a socially awkward penguin.

This past semester, I was doing a research project on The Catcher in the Rye. The final project ended up being a PowerPoint retelling the story using memes. Now as I was doing the project, I kept telling my professor that I related with Holden Caulfield. That is a scary thought since he is slightly hated by some readers. The meme project was to show that we are living in a world where we are all Holden. We complain about all of the small things through memes. Through the project, I realized that Holden was a socially awkward penguin and Bad Luck Brian. Though I do not wish to be known as the Bad Luck Brian of anywhere, I do not mind being the Socially Awkward Penguin.

The most recent Socially Awkward Penguin moment happened less than a week ago. I was getting ready to leave college and almost packed. That was until I saw these shoes. People had been leaving things in the hall that they were not going to use. I placed the shoes on my feet and had a little fashion shoe around my friends. I finally got the gumption to…. write a letter to the owner of the shoes and ask if I could have them. That was frowned upon in the establishment. I knocked on the door of the owner of the shoes. Just then, I realized I still had the shoes on my feet. I kicked the right shoe off. I bent down to take the left shoe off, and the shoe owner opened the door. Instead of saying words, I chuckled to myself and struck a pose (If something is really awkward, just strike a pose). Needless to say, the former owner said yes, and I have a cute pair of high wedges.

One of the things I learned this semester is to embrace the awkward. This has left several hours not spent in worry and rerunning scenarios. In the previous post, I mentioned Franny and Zooey. My personal thought is that the character of Franny completes Holden. Yet, Franny really is not that awkward. She might be several things, but she is not awkward. I hope Holden is somewhere embracing his awkward.


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