Procrastination and the Blog

In writing this blog, I feel like this:

Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes

I keep making arbitrary deadlines and ignore them. So, last minute panic becomes I can do this tomorrow or No one cares that I do not have a schedule. That is why I am not posting and I am guilty of procrastination. In looking for the image, I found the rest of the story. Recently, WordPress asked the questions to bloggers about finding new bloggers and frequency of blogging.  The second question paraphrased was, “Would you blog more if you had more followers?” I answered the question out loud and will answer it again here. No, I blog when the muse allows. I blog when I feel like it. It is not that I do not want to blog. It is just easier to blog when you have an idea and schedules just frustrate me.  At least, this did not happen:

According to my archive, I have only missed April and June this year. I expected the above to happen. Last week, I published two blogs in one day. The first was a random quote that expressed how I was feeling while the other was a blog which I had been working on since June (?). I was totally thrilled to finally post that blog post like I will be after this one is posted. I also average about 7 revisions per post. Does any have any good ideas to not procrastinate? Any advice is wonderful.


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