Single Awareness Day and Other Myth

I love Valentine’s Day. I love the hearts and cuteness that happens around this time of year. This is not how I am expected to feel. It seems that I am only allowed two different opinions about Valentine’s Day. I am either supposed to be in love and excited about my significant other. Or, I am supposed to be cynical about how I am entitled to a significant other because I am a really good person. Neither are really happening. I really don’t buy into the idea that only “good” people have significant others. I do not also get the “hate” that Valentine’s Day seems to have among single people. I am also baffled by the news networks which give me advice how to “survive” Valentine’s Day. Why do I need to survive? Is it like the Hunger Games? Since when do we say this for Valentine’s Day?:

Rob van Roy

So, I was excited when I found Single Awareness Day. Yet, people really abuse that. It is the pity party thing. And, how many people do not already know that I am single? So, the excited feeling slowly turned into annoyance. Why is that big of a deal? Am I a panda living in upstate Vermont? How is this day any different than any other day of the year? Like I said above, people are taking to the Internet talking about how alone they are. Yet, I don’t take the stance that Valentine’s Day is only for romantic couples. Yeah, they get more press. In recent years, I have been showing my love for people around me because there is more love on this Earth than just romantic love. For example, going out and buying those Valentines that elementary kids give each other for my friends. (Now, whether or not I remembered to fill them out was another story.)

(Spoiler Alert: rabbit trail) Now, other myth? The friend-zone. Now, I was recently talking to someone about relationships. They were talking about how they got into their current relationship. They were friends with each other before they even considered dating each other. I also have friends who were in long-term friendships with people before they started dating. Now, these are just casual observations. I am not a relationship expert. It just seems to work better. And, this is not an excuse to be a person’s friend for favors that could happen in the future. And, it not an excuse to get mad at them  for not reciprocating feelings. No one really likes to be used like that. That is all I really want to say on the subject because I might rant.

There needs to be a makeover for Valentine’s Day.  Let us remember the true meaning of the day. There is more to be gained through Valentine’s Day than romantic affection. It is about self-love (not quite like Narcissus) and for the love of others around you. It is about giving more than taking. It is about being more than the sum of the parts of a loving community.


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