State of the Blog

I have a case of writer’s block so let’s see how this goes. I know the cause of the writer’s block, but I believe that it comes from something more. I have too many ideas that seem too simple with plans that are too complex. I just want to ramble I guess. Mainly, this will be about the state of “Ramblings.”

I started this blog to give myself a voice. I did not really have one when I first started two years ago. I nearly abandoned this entire blog before I even actually started. I created the blog from an account that was created for a class for school. Assignments were uploaded to the blog, and the link was sent to the professor. As stated earlier, I nearly did not even really start to blog. “Ramblings of the Random” just sat on the WordPress site. It was not until a series of unfortunate events happened where I needed an outlet such as a blog. That is why I challenged myself this year. It was the knowledge of the need of getting my voice out of my head and into the world.

There are several ideas in the works. There may be too many ideas in the works. There seems not to be enough time or effort to make anything a reality. Last September, there seemed to be limitless inspiration. Okay, there were some limits to inspiration, but spiders don’t appear in my bathroom all of the time right next to my brother’s chemistry notes. I really want to talk about Doctor Who and Pinterest and my regular writing method and Dollhouse, but lately it has been a whole lot of “I can do that tomorrow.” Tomorrow ended up being today. So, there are some plans for the near future. I still feel the need to write. Even writing quick little things help to remind me that I am capable. It also helps my procrastination skills to remain the Queen of Procrastination. Okay, I have said my peace.


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