My High School Analysis As You Like It

I did this before with High School Me Writes Poetry. I like looking back to see the growth in my personal writing. The summer before my senior year in high school, we were supposed to read As You Like It and The Count of Monte Cristo. I decided to “blog” my reading of As You Like It on Facebook Notes. I will be doing minor edits because someone didn’t believe in using the shift key and the APA format has changed. But, I’m keeping the many spelling errors. I’m even going to make some comments because these were just that bad.
Part 1:
I will be writing in here my adventure through the wonderful world of As You Like It. I can guarantee that this will very funny.
[No. No, it wasn’t high school me.]
Part 2:
As You Like It is really not that bad. In Act 1, it got funny. I think. I had to look it up on Sparknotes. I am not the person to get with Shakespeare. I am supposed to do a summary and then a reflection. All you people who have not graduated from [redacted] have to do that. You former seniors got lucky. At least you had to do this… maybe… once? I don’t know! I doubt the teachers will take it up though. It was extra credit the last time. I did venture into Twelfth Night this school year. That was a disaster. If drama is elective and an English, should I get a credit to graduate with?
[Dear high school me, you end up being a person that does Shakespeare. You actually volunteer at a Shakespeare theater for basically three years. As You Like It is in your top ten Shakespeare plays. And yes, you did get extra credit.]
Part 3:
More adventures!!!!!!!!!! I have no clue what Shakespeare is saying. I think this book I checked out from the libray might help. It is call The Complete Idoit’s Guide to Shakespeare.
[It’s called a proofread. You misspelled library and idiot.]
Part 4:
I have memorized one line. “Now brothers and comates in exile.”
[You are going to learn in about two years that accurate quotes matter. It’s actually, “Now, my co-mates and brothers in exile.”]
Part 5:
I had to return The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Shakespeare because I will be going on vacation next week. I feel very lost. The next week I have youth camp so I will be dragging the play As You Like It all over the place. That should be fun.
[Are you being sarcastic? Because, I remember that you didn’t even read As You Like It at camp. You have no room for being sarcastic, you procrastinator.]
Part 6:
I finished it. After weeks of reading, I have finished As You Like It. I loved that I have finished reading it, but now, I have to write summaries and reflections. How do you write a persuasion essay on how running away is good? I won’t be able to do that. That would be a little too hard.
[I guess this whole thing is over. It’s not as bad as I thought…]
Part 7:
I am so behind in As You Like It. I really shoukd be writing reflections and summaries. It was just youth camp and district conferance. Oops! I should really start writing the summaries and reflections. Bye!!!!!
[How are you behind if you’re finished reading it? Why are you online when you should be writing? Why don’t you use contractions? These are only some of the many mysteries of these postings.]
Part 8: 
I am not behind everybody reading. I might even be most ahead. I watched the movie and they deleted a whole lot of good lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another horrible movie is The Crucible. The ending is alittle flat. It is so serious, and then it is so hilarious. i want to speak with the writer of it. Stick to the script!!!!!! I don’t care if Arthur Miller said you could do it. Was he in the classroom when the half the class erupted into laughter. I was one of those people laughing. Come on, when people are saying the Lord’s Prayer, you do not kill them. I need to end this blog. It is not critiquing movies.
[Don’t cut yourself on that edge, now. Also, this is only the first of many disappointments with plays as movies.]
Part 9:
I lost the book!!!!!!!!!!! It is somewhere in the basement. I looked everywhere! I have not finished my summaries and reflections! I would not be this paniced if i did not get my first college application today. SWU sent me my first college application ever!!!! It will be so cool going to SWU. Go Warriors!!! But I really am freaking out about this. It has my notes in it. Basically 4 weeks until school starts. At least I finished As You Like It. I am still working on The Count of Monte Cristo. It is really boring. I don’t even know what to compare it to. Teeth drilling sounds fun. The process of reading it is so slow. As You Like IT really does not have any action. It does have wit though. Wit or witout wit, it is pretty cool. Remember, SWU Wariors rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are blue and yellow. this seems really random right?
[I’m going to not call out the witout because I think you are trying to be funny. Man, you misspelled warriors which would be bad enough if it was only your mascot in college, but your high school mascot. Also me from the past, panicked.]
Part 10:
I found my book and my notes. The Count of Monte Cristo is going along slow. I am still on page 26. It takes forever. I really should be reading it instead of writing this note. It is so boring. Is this what i get for joing an ap class?
[Translation: “I’m so smart because I’m in an AP class. You should pity my struggle of reading classic literature.”]

High school me, you have to learn a lot. But, you eventually learned a lot. Just tone down on the exclamation points.

High School Me Writes Poetry

The author of the poems

The author of the poems

(Note: I am not a self-proclaimed poet. I like the medium of prose, so poetry is outside of my comfort zone. In addition to the poetry, I will be writing commentary about the poems throughout the post. There are more poems hiding somewhere in my house and if I find them, I might publish them.)

“Winter Wonderland”

Up in New York in the winter

It is a wonderful sight

To see the snow

Falling to the ground

To hear the snowplows running

To hear them crashing past

To know I have school

Most likely the next day

To hear the screams of little kids

Playing in the snow

To wait for the bus

In 20 below

To live in the country

Not far from a tree.



There is a town near Saratoga

The name is Schuylerville

It is a peaceful town except Friday’s

On Friday’s the town closes down

The town closes down for the football games

The hometown’s parents yell

The pep band shrills

The bleacher’s tremble as the hometown scores a goal

The news has come

That we have won

Greenwich goes away

We beat them in another way

Now everyone knows

Schuylerville is number one


“More to New York”

There’s more to New York

Than a bustling city

Schools with rivals

In Schuylerville we know

If we beat Greenwich

We are number one

The rivals can get out of hand

As everyone knows

Yet nobody knows

How much it snows

Six inches to be out

For just one day

That day we can play

It can get cold

Yet young and old

Know New York

Is more than a city

(I call this “The New York Trilogy” or “Anna Just Moved From Upstate New York.” It was written for Freshman English. There is a lack of punctuation because I don’t believe in punctuation for poetry.)  


Clang. Crash. Boom.

Those noises fill the room.

This is so not tad poling.

This is how it is with bowling.

(I thought I was being clever and deep. And, it rhymes.)

“Warrior Pride”

We will be number one

Even if in no one’s mind

Everything is not existent

We are not the kind

We might fight back

But it is not a ride

All we know is what we have

And that is Warrior Pride

(I thought writing this would help encourage pride in my high school. It was written on Homecoming of my junior year of high school.) 

“Ode to Algerbra”

Spinning numbers everywhere

Finding some to add

The number jumble

Like they are some fad

The numbers are frustrating

They need to give me some room

For when the new semester comes around

They will be gone with a broom

(I will never hide my dislike of numbers with the alphabet.)

“Of Light and Beauty”

Of light and beauty, the eyes of lovers

Dance nearby my sorrowful state of pain.

Everyone love struck from here to Dover,

Everything in mind and body to complain.


Of him, I wonder patiently of me.

My mind, my body are all for his sale.

Do his thoughts think of me? I hope with glee.

When I am near him every time, I pale.


Yet, I will pledge my allegiance to him.

It is by him I love and live in state.

Even with times that everything is dim,

My eyes focused nothing else concentrate.


In him everything unattained for me,

All to him, everything gives from me free.

(This is the most advanced my poetry. I wrote it for AP Literature class when we were talking about Beowulf.)

When I Forget That I Am a Creative…

…I mean like those people who are analyzed all over the web, I feel horrible. I feel like I do not operate at the same level as so many people. Words don’t come. Sentences are forced. But only when I forget that I am creative. Then, this happens. Words flow. It comes an goes at random times…like at work.Words flow. I have to write down the emotion. I misspell things in the process. It does not really matter anyway. Who has time for a dictionary? Long hand, blog posts are written and forgotten. When I forget I am a creative, I get bored. When I get bored, I doodle. In the meaningless doodle, I find it. I find my creative side. During the unexpected, creativity flows and seems like it will never be able to be translated into typed form. Or can it? Can it ever show that I am losing room on the paper? Or does the scroll eliminate that possibility?

It is too easy to erase things while blogging.  When writing on paper, you see the mistakes. The wrong words. The do-overs. The blog just seems so polished compared to the draft. Ever word has potential. When writing on paper, the page is blank but running out. These little creative moments. They help me forget about the conformity of everyday. Rules of writing, when learned, can be broken for something more than the sum of the parts. Some molds can not be broken. Sometimes, you have to pretend. Not in writing. Not when being authentic. Being authentic brings the pain with the healing. I forget that being authentic means showing the scars…something I don’t really do. I hide behind a band-aid. Literally. Not metaphorically. In acting, I was taught that the most meaningful performance does not come from creating the moment from scratch. The best acting comes from a place of memory.

The conformity of everyday. It bores. I forget while I hide behind my mask. The smiley, machine-like  mask of conformity. Then, that little voice tells me that I am the same as any other person. There is nothing special about me. I feel like Sherlock is in my brain saying:

BBC's Sherlock

BBC’s Sherlock

while Catherine Tate is all like:

And, all I can do is freeze. All I can do is force myself to forget that I am creative. To pretend that I am not special to fit in. To pretend that all of the creative things are bad and just to accept conformity.

But, I cannot fit in. In not even trying, I do not fit in. I notice things. And others might too. I realize that I may not make a significant difference to people all over the world with my way of thinking. Yet, I might inspire somebody. That might be it. One person. I might let them realize that they are a creative too. That being a creative is not something set in stone from the time of birth. It is hard work to spontaneously start a project.  Habits have to be formed. It also takes a lot of forgetting. To forget critics. To forget norms of behavior. Yet, to remember. To remember a time that being creative was not hard. Where it was okay for things to be out of place. To remember that sentence fragments are not the end of the world. That everyone is human.

There is no real wrap-up. I just wanted to write in the manner of stream-of-consciousness. That was the best way to get some thoughts out.

Goals (Not Resolutions)

This blog has been rolling for a little more than a year now, and it needs to get SMART. I clearly have many time management issues, yet I still want to keep the blog going. So, I am setting a goal. I am not making a New Year’s Resolution. First off, it is too late for that. Secondly, New Year’s Resolutions have kind of become a joke. People do not seem to take the resolutions seriously. That is the reason I am setting a goal. Thus, I capitalized every letter in the word SMART. It is a goal planning thing. It stands for:

If you tell people your goal, you are more likely to follow through with your goal. At least, that is what I heard. So, I wanted to “verbalize” my goal for the next year. Here is the SMART goal:

S: I will publish at least one blog post a month of original thoughts. I will also include at least one quote per month.

M: The blog counter should be helpful in measuring my blog posts.

A: I should be able to think of at least one blog post a month. Also, finding quotes is not that hard.

R: This is a blog. I should be blogging.

T: This is going to be for a period of 12 months.

So, there are my goals. It is well thought out and out for the world to see. Hopefully, this will keep me updating the blog with new information and new ideas.

Procrastination and the Blog

In writing this blog, I feel like this:

Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes

I keep making arbitrary deadlines and ignore them. So, last minute panic becomes I can do this tomorrow or No one cares that I do not have a schedule. That is why I am not posting and I am guilty of procrastination. In looking for the image, I found the rest of the story. Recently, WordPress asked the questions to bloggers about finding new bloggers and frequency of blogging.  The second question paraphrased was, “Would you blog more if you had more followers?” I answered the question out loud and will answer it again here. No, I blog when the muse allows. I blog when I feel like it. It is not that I do not want to blog. It is just easier to blog when you have an idea and schedules just frustrate me.  At least, this did not happen:

According to my archive, I have only missed April and June this year. I expected the above to happen. Last week, I published two blogs in one day. The first was a random quote that expressed how I was feeling while the other was a blog which I had been working on since June (?). I was totally thrilled to finally post that blog post like I will be after this one is posted. I also average about 7 revisions per post. Does any have any good ideas to not procrastinate? Any advice is wonderful.

Based on True Events

Imitation is a form of flattery when done properly. Imitation is also a way of learning. William Carlos Williams did this poem about accidentally eating plums. This is about a completely different circumstances that again resulted in an apology note. Without further ado, an imitation of “This is To Say.”

I squashed a spider

with your chemistry notes

that you left in plain sight

and which you might have

needed in the morning

for class

sorry the spider

was huge and


-Anna Elizabet Annas

Hello world!

This is my first blog post. Well, this is my first blog post that is not for a class. So, the question becomes “what does this blog become?”. I have no answer for that question. For that question to be answered, stay tuned and enjoy the ride.