Books of 2013

Okay, it is almost New Year’s Day. A majority of the experts have released the best book lists. These are all books which were released in 2013. Unfortunately for the world, I did not read a lot of books which are released in 2013 because books cost money, and library waits are long. I have read a couple of books this year. Okay, I have read more than a couple. So, I wanted to let the world know about my top books that I had read this year were. Maybe, this will be the final push for someone to read one of these books. I will try to avoid spoilers. It will be divided into three lists. Top Books will consist of six books which are new books that blew me away this year. Honorable Mentions will be five books and are still important in some way; Old Favorites will be four books which I reread for one reason or another.


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